Products Offered

CPCPA Reinforced Concrete Pipe and Precast Product Offerings in CA

Reinforced Concrete Pipe*

  • 12″ to 144″ diameters for sanitary and storm applications
  • Non gasketed and gasketed pipe
  • Special designs are available for excessive depths or load requirements
  • Gravity to low head pressures up to 50 psi
  • Standard joint lengths of 8′ for most sizes but can be longer or shorter
  • Liners and coatings for pipe & other precast products for sanitary or other special applications
  • Jacking pipe, tunneling and micro-tunneling

Elliptical Reinforced Concrete Pipe*

  • 18″ to 90″ diameter equivalents for storm applications

Precast Drain Inlets*

  • Typical sizes range from 1’x1’ to 5’x5’

Manholes & Lift Stations*

  • Typical sizes range from 36″ to 144″ round

Monolithic Precast Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts*

  • Typical single cell sizes range from 3 FT x 2 FT up to 12 FT x 14 FT
  • Double cell sizes are available

Precast 3 Sided Arches for Bridge and Culvert Applications*

  • Typical sizes range from 16’ to 60’ spans, rises vary

Other Items*

  • Underground Detention/Retention Solutions
  • Precast Utility Boxes
  • Environmental/Water Quality BMP Products
  • Other specialty products may be available


* Varies by producer. Please contact Russell Tripp or a CPCPA producer in CA for specific information for your application and location.