About Us

Our Values


Exemplify Integrity through ethical behavior and decisions with truth and honest transparency.

Foster Communication through strong connections creating effective sharing of ideas focused on listening and providing solutions.

Cultivate Partnerships through trusted and devoted teamwork resulting in aligned and common goals.


Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading industry resource to precast reinforced concrete pipe and box culverts. Our Mission The American Concrete Pipe Association of California is committed to excellence in the precast reinforced concrete pipe and box culvert industry for resilient stormwater infrastructure.

Our History

ACPA-CA was formed in 1968 by a group of forward thinking concrete pipe manufacturers who wanted to help improve the products and services offered to their local communities. And, at the same time they wanted to be able to collectively address matters of concern to the concrete pipe industry in California. Over the years ACPA-CA has varied in number of concrete pipe and precast member companies. Currently there are 8 plants and 7 member companies along with numerous ACPA-CA Associate Companies with ACPA-CA.

In July of 2014, after 46 years of representing the concrete pipe industry as a nonprofit in CA, ACPA-CA merged as a State Association under the national trade association for concrete pipe and precast companies, the American Concrete Pipe Association. ACPA is a similarly situated nonprofit Association formed in 1907 as the Interstate Cement Tile Manufacturers Association in Ames, Iowa. In 1914 the name was changed to the American Concrete Pipe Association and is headquartered in Irving, TX.

Executive Committee


Steve Nilforoushan




Branimir Kovac

Vice Chairman

Thompson Pipe Group

Bart Denney


Terry Miles


Oldcastle Infrastructure

Committee Chairs


Aidan Rajswing, P.E.

Education Committee

Thompson Pipe Group


Edgar Benitez

Infrastructure Committee

Forterra Building Products

blank head

Dan Zarronandia

Government Relations Committee

Pre-Con Products

Association Services

We provide services that are intended to keep engineers, contractors and inspectors educated and up to date on reliable concrete pipe and box culvert designs and installation best practices.

Resource Center

We provide a database of technical information and web resources for reference to better understand concrete culvert pipe.


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