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Town of Paradise Culvert Melts

Gean Na -  
12 December 2022
Town of Paradise HDPE culverts melts Following the immediate impact of the Camp Fire, one of the most hazardous secondary damages from the fire was melted culvert pipes. During ...

Caltrans HDPE Culvert Melts

Gean Na -  
15 November 2019
Repairs for October’s I-5 fire will cost Caltrans $2 million Caltrans Spokesperson Deanna Shoopman said the culvert underneath the off-ramp to Arena Boulevard acted like a vacuum ...

AB 1166

Sheila Clevenger -  
16 September 2019
AB 1166 (2019) – As you may know, existing law requires an excavator planning to conduct an excavation to notify the appropriate regional notification center before beginning ...