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Town of Paradise Culvert Melts

Gean Na -  
12 December 2022
Town of Paradise HDPE culverts melts Following the immediate impact of the Camp Fire, one of the most hazardous secondary damages from the fire was melted culvert pipes. During ...

Caltrans HDPE Culvert Melts

Gean Na -  
15 November 2019
Repairs for October’s I-5 fire will cost Caltrans $2 million Caltrans Spokesperson Deanna Shoopman said the culvert underneath the off-ramp to Arena Boulevard acted like a vacuum ...

AB 1166

Sheila Clevenger -  
16 September 2019
AB 1166 (2019) – As you may know, existing law requires an excavator planning to conduct an excavation to notify the appropriate regional notification center before beginning ...

AB 839

Sheila Clevenger -  
27 August 2019
AB 839 (2019) – AB 839 would require the Secretary of the Natural Resources Agency to plan and develop a strategic resiliency framework and coordinate with the Insurance ...

Concrete Pipe Week Resolution by Honorable Jim Beall 15th Senatorial ...

Sheila Clevenger -  
20 August 2019
See more information about National Concrete Pipe Week here.

AB 747

Sheila Clevenger -  
2 July 2019
AB 747 (2019) – AB 747 requires local jurisdictions that have not adopted a local hazard mitigation plan to review and update the safety element of their general plan, as ...

AB 905

Sheila Clevenger -  
22 April 2019
AB 905 (2019) – AB 905 would require the Department of Transportation to update the Highway Design Manual to incorporate the use of k-rails, weed mats, or other fire proofing ...

Letter to the Assembly Appropriations Committee Chair asking to ...

Sheila Clevenger -  
8 May 2017
The CPCPA has written a letter strongly urging the Appropriations Committee to reject AB 262 unless concrete is removed from the bill. AB 262 seeks to measure environmental impact ...

California Concrete Pipe Week Proclamation Signing

Sheila Clevenger -  
12 September 2016
Assembly Member Eric Linder – District 60 Corona Area For more information on Concrete Pipe Week, click here.

Ticktock… Ticktock…Ticktock

Sheila Clevenger -  
21 June 2016
Do you really know what is happening with that buried CSP conduit? Whenever someone claims that corrugated steel drains and culverts “rarely” fail, it is wise to remember that ...