AB 1166

AB 1166 (2019) – As you may know, existing law requires an excavator planning to conduct an excavation to notify the appropriate regional notification center before beginning excavation. Existing law authorizes all known operators of subsurface installations within the specified boundaries to supply an electronic positive response through the regional notification center and requires those responses be made available to the excavator before excavation begins. Rather than authorize, AB 1166 would instead require every known operator of subsurface installations within the specified boundaries supply an electronic positive response.

Accidental damage to underground utilities affects utility providers, businesses, government agencies, and the public. These occurrences can result in serious injury or even death.

We believe that AB 1166 takes the lines of communication one step further to ensure, to the extent possible, that a mistake does not occur. We are hopeful that this legislation not only protects the workers of our member companies, but also the public at large.

Supporting documents:

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